Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stories and Songs of Boundary Street 2010

Good news, the West End Live Festival director, has offered us 20 minutes on the Culture Stage at the 2010 West End Live Festival on the 19th September.

The project involves working with local storytellers, poets, musicians and multimedia artists to create new stories and songs and then perform them with the Transformer Choir on stage.

We'll be dividing Boundary Street up into 4 precincts from north to south to discover and explore and collate new stories.

So if you have any stories about Boundary Street - personal stories, community stories, historical events or just some information you would like included - come along to one of our West End Stories regular community sessions or post a comment to this blog.

6:30pm - West End Community House, 4 Norfolk Rd, West End - Tuesday 25th May, 22nd June
2:00 pm - Crocquet Club Building, Musgrave Park, Cordelia Street - Monday 7th June

There are lots of opportunities to help out, contribute and help keep West End's culture alive.


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