Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lionel's story about the Gap Storm

The storm hit the Gap very badly and a lot of houses were damaged. I went up there and volunteered on Sunday and gave a hand to clean up.

I used a chain saw with a twelve inch blade. I showed them how to use the chain saw really quickly and easily and safely, so no one would get electrocuted by the power lines or anything else.

They got 3 heavy duty cranes in to lift up the logs from the power lines. Then I showed them how to put the straps on the ends of each log and how to leave a gap for the chainsaw. Then I cut it in half so the log wouldn't go back on the power lines. Then I said: " Right boys I've showed you how to do it, quick and easy so you won't get electrocuted.' One of the guys said: "Good idea."

Then I said: "Here boy, have a go" - I watched him and he did it the way I showed him. It was pretty good.

I didn't think he would have the guts to use the chainsaw and cut the log but I was glad to see he did and that I had shown him how to do it.

I hope all the people up there go back to their own homes.